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Forced Order
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QuestionAnswerEpisode (Season)
What part Native American does Michael claim to be?Diversity Day (1)
If they won the basketball game, where did Jim ask Pam to go with him?Basketball (1)
What High School did Toby and Katy both attend?Hot Girl (1)
What kind of trophy does Kelly receive as a Dundie?The Dundies (2)
What is the name of the lawyer Michael hires?Sexual Harrassment (2)
What game is the national sport of Icelandic paper companies?Office Olympics (2)
Name one of Meredith's favorite movies?The Fire (2)
What is the name of Michael's screenplay?The Client (2)
What is Michael's password to his computer?E-Mail Surveillance (2)
What does Kelly get Oscar for Christmas?Christmas Party (2)
What type of mp3 player did Roy buy Pam for Christmas?The Injury (2)
What does Michael order at Hooters?The Secret (2)
Name one of the topics for conversation Jim and Ryan suggest to Dwight while filling the truck?Boys and Girls (2)
What is Michael's favorite New York pizza joint?Valentine's Day (2)
What was the name of the TV show Michael appeared on as a child?Take Your Daughter To Work Day (2)
What does the back of the jersey say that Michael gets from Dwight?Michael's Birthday (2)
What causes Creed's distinct old man smell?Conflict Resolution (2)
What World Series of Poker event did Kevin win?Casino Night (2)
Where does Jim say that they can find Gay-dar?Gay Witch Hunt (3)
What outlet store does Dwight suggest Jan go while he comes to meet her?The Coup (3)
What food does Michael ask for at the Diwali?Diwali (3)
What does Pam use to time Dwight's lap around the building?The Merger (3)
What was Martin's crime that sent him to jail?The Convict (3)
What is the name of Pam and Karen's new Party Planning Committee?A Benihana Christmas (3)
What is the name of the file of Jan's racy vacation photo?Back From Vacation (3)
What is the name of Michael's computer?Traveling Salesman (3)
Name one of the 'three' words Dwight uses to describe himself?The Return (3)
What as another option for the male 'stripper' at the bachelorette party?Ben Franklin (3)
What movie did Dwight expect to see when watching Wedding Crashers?Phyllis' Wedding (3)
What does Creed say Roy attacked Jim with?The Negotiation (3)
QuestionAnswerEpisode (Season)
What is Andy's high school girlfriend's job?Product Recall (3)
What is the name of Stanley's beach games team?Beach Games (3)
What is the name of Creed's blog?The Job (3)
What actor does Ryan run into in New York buying a sandwich at 2 A.M.?Dunder Mifflin Infinity (4)
What is the name of the better 'Alfredo' pizza place?Launch Party (4)
Name one of the themes of the Schrute Farms rooms?Money (4)
What is the full name of Dwight's Second Life character?Local Ad (4)
What are the two things (besides the camera) that Michael takes into the woods with him?Survivor Man (4)
Name one of the subjects in the game of charades?Dinner Party (4)
What business does Bill Cress run?Chair Model (4)
What basketball team does Dwight get into the club with?Night Out (4)
What is Pam's old high school?Job Fair (4)
What song is Michael listening to when making Holly's mix tape?Goodbye Toby (4)
Name one of the four non-refundable deposits Andy made for a wedding location.Weight Loss (5)
What youtube video did Michael watch over a thousand times when discovering the site?Business Ethics (5)
What boys name does Michael want to name Jan's baby?Baby Shower (5)
What does C.R.I.M.E.-A.I.D. stand for?Crime Aid (5)
Name one of the a cappela groups Dwight is looking to join when applying for Cornell.Employee Transfer (5)
What movie does Andy watch on the plane to Canada?Business Trip (5)
What does Michael call his new drink, mixing Vodka and Oragne Juice?Moroccan Christmas (5)
What profession does Michael claim to be when fact finding at Prince Family Paper?Prince Family Paper (5)
What movie does Andy download for Jim and Pam to watch 6 months before it is released?Stress Relief (5)
What is the name of the receptionist at the Utica Branch?Lecture Circuit (5)
Name one of the excuses Michael has for avoiding David's phone calls?Golden Ticket (5)
What position did Charles appoint to Stanley after Michael left?Two Weeks (5)
What soccer team was Jim on in 4th grade?Dream Team (5)
What song are Dwight and Andy singing and playing guitar/banjo to, in attempt to impress Erin?Michael Scott Paper Company (5)
What does Michael's rolodex card on Dwight say?Heavy Competition (5)
What type of meat is in Dwight's meat sandwich?Casual Friday (5)
How does Robert Dunder meet Robert Mifflin?Company Picnic (5)

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