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Jim starts to get it stuck in Karen's head, Andy finishes the song.Initiation
Andy and Jim drunk singing.Diwali
You me? You me? Me you me! You! You! You me you! You!The Merger
His attempt on picking up Pam.The Convict
Michael and Andy's karaoke duet.A Benihana Christmas
Sings while playing a steel drum.Back From Vacation
He won't be falling in any chocolate river.Traveling Salesman
Ringtone, recorded all four parts, took forever.The Return
Causes Jim to ask Pam to pull a prank on Andy.The Return
Andy and the Tuna, after teaming up.The Return
Jim asks for some music in their car ride.Product Recall
Jim cheers Andy up after a rough day.Product Recall
Asking Angela out with a little help from Here Comes Treble.Launch Party
Andy is unable to remember the end to this famous jingle.Local Ad
Andy sings background on Darryl's song.Local Ad
Singing a popular song substituting Angelas name.Weight Loss
Angela does not like his Christmas song.Moroccan Christmas
Andy's Christmas was a tough room.Moroccan Christmas
Used to keep pace in giving CPR.Stress Relief
Trying to pick up another woman, he sees this CD in her car.Lecture Circuit
Duet with Dwight while playing the BanjoMichael Scott Paper Company
Trying to convince Pam to use Here Comes Treble as her wedding band.Heavy Competition

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