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Can you name the Elements that correspond with the information given (feel free to comment after!)?

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InformationWhat Element?
1st element
2nd in group 6
1st in the halogens
3rd noble gas
30th element
Non metal, liquid at room temp.
Electronic configuration: 2,8,1
1st alkali metal
Chemical symbol 'W'
Metal, liquid at room temp.
InformationWhat Element?
Radioactive halogen
Magnetic element (Not 'Fe')
2nd lanthanide
6th element in the 's' block
Period 5, gas at room temp.
Element with mass number 4
14th actinide
Group 2, radioactive
Chemical symbol 'Ag'
Electronic conficuration: 2,2
InformationWhat Element?
6 elements after 'N'
Element before 'La'
Magnetic element, next to 'Mn'
Lanthanide, radioactive
Group 4, period 4
Element between 'W' and 'Os'
Element with 29 electrons
Methane + ? -> carbon dioxide + water
Element above answer to Q. 6
Element named after Ernest R.........

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