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Can you name the the boxers who have won European Championships medals for Ireland?

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WeightBoxerYear and Medal Colour
FlyweightDublin 1939 (Gold)
FeatherweightDublin 1939 (Gold)
WelterweightDublin 1939 (Bronze)
HeavyweightDublin 1947 (Gold)
FeatherweightDublin 1947 (Silver)
LightweightOslo 1949 (Gold)
FeatherweightOslo 1949 (Bronze)
BantamweightMilan 1951 (Silver)
LightweightMilan 1951 (Bronze)
Light WelterweightMilan 1951 (Bronze)
BantamweightWarsaw 1953 (Bronze)
Light WelterweightWarsaw 1953 (Silver)
WelterweightPrague 1957 (Bronze)
FlyweightLucern 1959 (Bronze)
WelterweightLucern 1959 (Bronze)
MiddleweightLucern 1959 (Bronze)
LightweightEast Berlin 1965 (Bronze)
BantamweightBucharest 1969 (Bronze)
FlyweightMadrid 1971 (Bronze)
BantamweightMadrid 1971 (Bronze)
FeatherweightMadrid 1971 (Bronze)
Light FlyweightHalle 1977 (Bronze)
BantamweightCologne 1979 (Bronze)
Light FlyweightTampere 1981 (Bronze)
WelterweightVarna 1983 (Bronze)
FlyweightBudapest 1985 (Bronze)
FeatherweightGothenburg 1991 (Gold)
FeatherweightBursa 1993 (Bronze)
FlyweightVejle 1996 (Bronze)
MiddleweightMinsk 1998 (Silver)
MiddleweightPula 2004 (Bronze)
LightweightTønsberg 2005 (Gold)
Light HeavyweightPlovdiv 2006 (Bronze)
LightweightWarsaw 2006 (Gold)
LightweightVejle 2007 (Gold)
LightweightLiverpool 2008 (Bronze)
Light WelterweightLiverpool 2008 (Bronze)
MiddleweightLiverpool 2008 (Bronze)
LightweightMykolaiv 2009 (Gold)
Light FlyweightMoscow 2010 (Gold)
FeatherweightMoscow 2010 (Bronze)
LightweightMoscow 2010 (Bronze)
MiddleweightMoscow 2010 (Silver)
Light HeavyweightMoscow 2010 (Bronze)
Light WelterweightAnkara 2011 (Gold)
Light HeavyweightAnkara 2011 (Gold)
LightweightRotterdam 2011 (Gold)
Light FlyweightMinsk 2013 (Silver)
FlyweightMinsk 2013 (Silver)
BantamweightMinsk 2013 (Gold)
MiddleweightMinsk 2013 (Gold)
LightweightBucharest 2014 (Gold)
BantamweightSamokov 2015 (Gold)
Light WelterweightSamokov 2015 (Bronze)
Light HeavyweightSamokov 2015 (Gold)
MiddleweightSofia 2016 (Bronze)
FlyweightKharkiv 2017 (Bronze)
BantamweightKharkiv 2017 (Bronze)
Light HeavweightKharkiv 2017 (Gold)

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