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Forced Order
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What year was the band formed?
Which studio album has the most songs?
Who was Metallica’s original bassist?
What did Metallica initially want to call their first album?
How many weeks did the album Kill ‘em All take to record?
Hetfield and Mustaine once had a fist fight after Mustaine accused Hetfield of what?
What year was the album “Ride the Lightning” released?
During the Cunning Stunts concert, the band play an untitled song which would appear on their next album, but what is the song?
During the S & M concert the band play Of Wolf and Man, but what do they rename the song?
A compilation of video footage was released as a tribute to Metallica’s late bassist Cliff Burton, but what was it called?
Other than 'Enter Sandman', what other song does Hetfield whisper “off to never never land” at the end of?
The lyric “Fade to Black” appears in which song?
Which studio album cover does not have the word “Metallica” on it?
What piece of music does the band use as their introductory music when performing live?
Who replaced Robert Trujillo as Ozzy Osbournes bassist during Ozzfest 2003?
Who plays bass on the album St. Anger?
Lars Ulrich led the case against which file-sharing network?
The lyrics '...cannot the Kingdom of Salvation take me home?' are on Cliff Burtons memorial stone, but what song are the lyrics taken from?
What was the first thing Hetfield said when opening the Cunning Stunts concert?
The lyric “Death Magnetic” appears in which song?

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