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Can you name the Lady GaGa songs in their literal terms?

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Literal TermSong
She prefers to be with a man where she can't see him.
I want to live in the moment with you.
I will give up everything I once knew to become stronger
He cannot comprehend whether or not I want him.
I want everything wrong about you.
I will be free to express everything that I am through whatever I wish.
There is just a reminiscing factor to this chemistry.
Stop trying to contact me, I refuse to talk right now.
I still value the man who scorned me so much before.
The music is divine, so let's just move. Everything will be fine!
Literal TermSong
Don't blame me, there's just nothing more for me to say.
You are my sexual release.
That man will rip into you and tear you apart.
I'm going to make sure you will be mine.
I'm going to test you, to see if you are really into me or not.
Just be free and yourself.
I'd really prefer to live my life without the need of a man.
Please stop, I just don't want to be with you anymore.
We are glamorous and extremely wealthy.
Hispanic lover.

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