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The last of a phenomena in which our main character and his friends are in search of artifacts that can help assist in defeating a notorious villain.
The fifth book in one of the most inspirational novel series ever in which our main character has become the center of a magical government's lies and he is left with no choice but
An alien drama about a young male 'foreign entity' who is hiding from aliens that destroyed his planet. While in hiding he meets a girl. You can probably guess the rest.
Book one in a series of thirteen in which three orphans are put under the care of a man after their family's fortune.
It's basically the story of Jane Austin's 'Pride and Prejudice.' It just has a slightly... unbelievable twist.
An alien flick about worm-like creatures who need hosts adapted to certain planet's conditions to survive. One of the aliens enters a human's body whose consciousness is still inta
In a post-apocalyptic world, a man and his son still alive and must face the challenges of living in a world that doesn't want to live anymore.
In a trilogy, this book takes you into a grim future in which a twisted government forces twelve districts to sacrifice one boy and one girl to a national ultimate survivor bloodba
This book takes you way past after-hours to show you the dark magical happenings in Walt Disney World when the parks close their gates.
The fourth book in an epic seven-novel series in which our main character is thrown into a dangerous competition involving dragons, underwater creatures, and his darkest fears. Thi
This vampire drama that launched multiple vampire dramas after its wake tells the tale of a human girl who falls in love with a vamp unwilling to take her humanity from her. It's t
In a world full of vampires, werewolves, and warlocks, crime is bound to be extremely high. Well that's why there's a supernatural 'police' to keep the dark forces in check, but wh
Have you ever wondered how Peter Pan, one of the most beloved child heroes, became 'Peter Pan'? Well with this first part of a four-book series, you at least get an inside scoop as
This is the first book in the series in which the main character is learning how to use magic. The book dives into immortality.
The first of the most epic trilogy ever made in which nine people diverse in culture embark on a mission to rid their world of an evil brought upon by a ring.
Though it was written first, it's actually second in chronological order in this series taking place in an land set as the archetype of heaven. In this book four kids must help a n
A young boy is on a quest for identity after he's booted out of another school for flunking. Most people associated him as a 'whiner'
The interesting story about a witch in an alternate world and how she would rise to power as being portrayed the most wicked in the land.
In a future where everyone is pretty, what could possibly go wrong? A young girl reaches the age of sixteen and realizes that being pretty isn't what it's cracked up to be. Followi
An investigator takes on a case involving a missing girl, but things start to spiral out of control. EXTRA HINT: it's the famous mystery book we've heard so much about back in 2010

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