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QAnswerepisode hint
Who was Trent's first gfriend?Up the Creek season1
Who was Duncan's first gfriend?Basic Straining season1
Who tricked Trent and Gwen into breaking up?Search and Do Not Destroy season1
What did Duncan refer to Blaineley asNiagra Brawls season3
Which place did Trent come in TDA?Alien Resureggtion season2
What place did Duncan come in TDAS?You Regatta be kidding me?
True or False: both of them made the merge in TDINo Pain, No Game season1
Which season acronym did Gwen dump Trent?3:10 to Crazytown
Which season did Courtney dump DuncanThe EX-Files
After Trent , Geoff and DJ were eliminated, other than Duncan, which boy was leftCamp Castaways season1

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Tags:drama, duncan, episode, total, trent

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