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T- A breed of winged horse which can only be seen by those who have witnessed death
M- A map which shows the tunnels in/out of Hogwarts and the locations of people
O- The incantation for a spell that modifies the subjects memories
G- The law which prevents wizards from creating food
U- The name for an employee of the Department of Mysteries
J- The jinx which makes the receivers legs wobbly
D- The place on the other side of the wall (through the leaky cauldron)
F- The werewolf that bit Bill Weasley
E- The place where Hedwig was bought from
B- The location of the second Vanishing Cabinet
C- The dragon Fleur Faces in the first task of the triwizard tournament
W- Fred and George's enchanted fireworks which cause more mayhem if someone attempts to stun them
R- A room in Hogwarts that only appears when someone is in great need of it
I- The origional owner of the Invisibility Cloak
L- Wizards/witches who can see inside the mind of another
H- A wizard letter which shouts at the receiver
P- Wizarding sweets that make the consumer smoke at the mouth
K- The smallest unit of wizard money
A- The charm for unlocking things
S- A sensor that detects concealment and lies
Z- The Hufflepuff in DA who criticised Harry's for teaching them to disarm
V- The mascots for the Bulgarian National Quidditch Team at the World Cup
Y- The dance opened by the Triwizard Champions and their partners
Q- The pen Rita Skeeter uses during interviews with Harry
X- The name of the author of the Quibbler
N- A creature which Lee Jordan put inside Umbridges office twice

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