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Tough QuestionYou're guess
What song do Aida, Amneris and Radames all sing?
What reprise of what song does Radames sing after Zoser says 'Welcome to your new life, son'?
Who is Amneris' father?
Aida is based of an opera from which company?
Who wrote the music to Aida?
What about the Lyrics?
Who is the king of Nubia?
What two main characters help with his escape?
Who cuts the rope?
Who tries to poison the Pharoh?
Tough QuestionYou're guess
Who is Radames supposed to marry?
Aida is the Nubian what?
In what song are Amneris and Aida in the market place?
What other two characters are in that song?
Fortune Favors the Brave is led into by what song?
What are Zoser's 2 songs?
What main character is introduced in Dance of the Robe?
How many songs are there in Aida?
How about on the soundtrack?
BONUS: What Disney Musical did the composer of aida also write music for?

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