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Leonard lives with...
Sheldon hates a character from what TV show?
Leonard has an on again, off again relationship with who?
Raj's sister is named...
What is the first name of Sheldon's girlfriend?
What's the first letter of Howard's girlfriend?
Howard lives with who?
What is Howard's religion?
What is Sheldon's religion (or really what is his mother's?
Where is raj from?
What document binds Leonard into following Sheldon's rules?
Name the ex boyfriend of Penny's that helped the gang win the Staurt's costume competition
When Raj's parents accuse him of being gay, what does he say he is instead.
Who is Raj's best friend?
What can't Raj do?
How is he able to do the thing he can't do
Where is Sheldon from?
When Sheldon Flee's to Texas after the gang returns from Antarctica, what does he say he is going to teach creationists?
How long does the gang go to Antarctica?
What word does every episode of The Big Bang Theory start with
What job do the enitre gang except for Howard have?
Everyone has a PHD except for what two main characters?
What skill does Sheldon lack besides sports?
Who plays Sheldon Cooper?
Who created The Big Bang Theory

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