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The Roaring Twenties, Yankee Doodle Dandy, White Heat
Bullitt, The Great Escape, The Magnificent Seven
True Lies, Commando, The Terminator
Scent of a Woman, Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon
Where Eagles Dare, Sudden Impact, High Plains Drifters
First Blood, Demolition Man, Cliffhanger
Death Wish, The Dirty Dozen, The Great Escape
Kill Bill, Donnie Brasco, Thelma and Louise
The Dirty Dozen, Cat Ballou, Death Hunt
Stagecoach, True Grit, El Dorado
High Sierra, The Big Sleep, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
The Night of the Hunter, Out of the Past, Cape Fear
Heat, Raging Bull, Once Upon a Time in America
The Sting, Cool Hand Luke, The Towering Inferno
Goldfinger, The Untouchables, Entrapment
Lethal Weapon 2, Goodfellas, Casino
The Delta Force, Way of the Dragon, Hellbound
The French Connection, Bonnie and Clyde, Unforgiven
True Romance, King of New York, The Deer Hunter
For a Few Dollars More, Escape from New York, High Noon
Blade Runner, The Empire Strikes Back, Apocalypse Now
Die Hard, Pulp Fiction, Sin City
Paths of Glory, Ace in the Hole, Spartacus
Enter the Dragon, The Big Boss, Game of Death
Lethal Weapon, Braveheart, Mad Max
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