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Ichiraku ramen owner
Owner's daughter
Sasuke's new snake summoning
Hashirama and Tobirama's brother
Hashirama and Tobirama's other brother
Morino Ibiki's brother
Sensor type ninja summoned by Kabuto
Older demon brother
Younger demon brother
Zabuza worked for him
His bodyguard no.1
His bodyguard no.2
He loved Temari
Sand village honoured sibling
Assisted in Kushina's pregnancy
Wife of Hiruzen Sarutobi(3rd hokage)
Wife of Hashirama Senju
Gecko Hayate's lover
Hinata's bodyguard
Naruto's first and so far only kiss with girl
Yamato's ANBU code name
Kakashi's ANBU team name
Yamato's Danzo's ANBU code name
Smoke clan ( ,,work' for Orochimaru)
Kakashi killed this smoke clan leader
Girl that gave Yamato name Tenzo
Kiba's mother
Kiba's sister
Kiba's mother dog
Gaara's mother
Hanzo's right hand men
12 guardians ninja(monk)
Monk's mentor
Magnet user (hidden cloud village)
Guy's father
Sakura's father
Sakura's mother
Shikamaru's mother
Hiruzen Sarutobi's father
Hidan's God

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