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Can you name the people who were born in the modern state of North Rhine-Westphalia in western Germany?

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HintNameYear and place of birth
German-American model and television host, was married to R&B singer Seal1973, Bergisch Gladbach
Racing driver, seven-time Formula One World Champion1969, Hürth
Organizer of the Holocaust, captured in Argentina and executed in Israel in 19621906, Solingen
From 1949-1963 first post-war chancellor of Germany, first leader of the 'Christian Democratic Union'1876, Cologne
Recipient of the 1972 Nobel Prize of Literature, author of 'The lost Honour of Katharina Blum' and 'Group Portrait with Lady'1917, Cologne
German Footballer of the Year 2014, was awarded 'World's Best Goalkeeper' in 2013 and 20141986, Gelsenkirchen
Nobel Prize winning physicist, detected the X-rays1845, Lennep
Female writer and poet, author of the novel 'Die Judenbuche' ('The Jew's Beech')1797, Havixbeck
Nazi foreign minister, initiated the non-aggression pact with the USSR1893, Wesel
Pop singer, enjoyed international success with the single '99 Luftballons' ('99 air balloons')1960, Hagen
HintNameYear and place of birth
Philosopher and social scientist, co-authored 'The Communist Manifesto' with Karl Marx1820, Barmen
German avant-garde artist, known for his concept of 'Social Sculpture'1921, Krefeld
Former Social Democratic Party leader, chancellor of Germany from 1998-20051944, Mossenberg
German filmmaker, directed the movies 'Paris, Texas' and 'Wings of Desire'1945, Düsseldorf
Composer, among his most famous pieces are his nine symphonies and the 'Moonlight Sonata'1770, Bonn
One of the world's most successful models in the 1990s, was engaged to the magician David Copperfield1970, Rheinberg
Nazi politician, Minister of Propaganda from 1933-19451897, Rheydt
Sociologist and philosopher, regarded as leading scholar of the 'Frankfurt School'1929, Düsseldorf
German actor, best known for his role in the movie 'Gladiator' and as the title character in 'Conan the Adventurer'1959, Recklinghausen
Poet, wrote the satirical poem 'Germany. A Winter's Tale'1797, Düsseldorf

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