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Can you name these famous people who were born in Budapest, Hungary?

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HintNameYear of Birth
Hungarian-American physicist, was often called 'father of the hydrogen bomb'1908
Filmmaker, his biggest success as a director was the film adaptation of the novel 'Mephisto' in 19811938
Philosopher, regarded as one of the founders of 'Western Marxism' and one of the leaders of the 1956 Hungarian revolution1885
Inventor and architect, invented the Magic Cube in 19741944
Writer and Holocaust survivor, wrote the novel 'Fatelessness' and received the 2002 Nobel Prize in Literature1929
Actress, best known for the leading role in the 1952 movie 'Moulin Rouge' and for having nine husbands1917
Physician, identified the lack of hand hygiene as cause of childbed fever1818
HintNameYear of Birth
Hungarian-American physicist, developed the idea of nuclear chain reaction and was part of the 'Manhattan Project'1898
Captain of Hungary's legendary 'Golden Team' of the 1950s, considered one of the most prolific football forwards of the 20th century1927
Writer and journalist, regarded as the father of modern Zionism1860
Hungarian-American illusionist, especially noted for his escape acts1874
Austrian writer, author of 'Bambi. A Life in the Woods'1869
Israeli author and film director, known for his satirical writing1924
Hungarian-American filmmaker, among others he directed the movies 'Casablanca' and 'The Adventures of Robin Hood'1886

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