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Can you name the Jamie Revell Extravaganza Bonanza?

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How long does Jamie take in the shower?
What vegetable does Jamie not like?
How can Jamie improve his Dark Souls game?
What's Jamie's middle name?
How old is Jamie?
Does Jamie spit or swallow?
What is Jamie's favourite TV show?
What topper does Jamie use on Rocket League
Does Jamie like omelettes?
What's Jamie's gamertag?
Who's Jamie's girlfriend?
What's Jamie's favourite mode to play Dark Souls on?
How do you spell Jamie?
Where was Jamie born?
Where does Jamie spend most of his days?
Where does Jamie spend most of his spare time?
Where does Jamie invest his money?
Where is Jamie going on holiday next week?
What would Jamie do if he was Prime Minister?
What does Jamie do in the shower?
Does Jamie like showers?
Where does Jamie go when he is trouble?
Where does Jamie like to drink a nice cool beer?
How many fingers is Jamie missing?
Two are pickled?
What's Jamie's favourite beer?
Who is Jamie's favourite porn star?
What is Jamie's favourite video game?
Why doesn't Jamie take baths?
Why doesn't Jamie take baths?
If Jamie was an animal, what would he be?
What does Jamie spend most of his hard earned cash on?
What equipment does Jamie opt for at the gym?
What belt is Jamie at karate?
What is Jamie's favourite film?
Why does Jamie like the film 'Psycho'?
What is Jamie's favourite shop?
When Tomlinsons had an unexpected house viewing, what was Jamie caught doing red-handed?
What invention did Jamie once pitch to NASA?
What is Jamie's favourite weather?
What is Jamie's least favourite university?
What university module did Jamie apply for but not get into?
Why did Jamie once miss his lecture?
What is Jamie's BIGGEST pet peeve?
On Jamie's gap year, why did he get kicked out of the Gambian village of Sabaa?
What is Jamie's dream job?
What's Jamie's favourite musical?
What's Jamie's kinkiest fetish?
What is Jamie's favourite novel?
What is the love of Jamie's life?

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