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There's been a Mario game released almost every year since 1981. Can you name one for each year?

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Year ReleasedGame TitleHint
 The classic arcade game that started it all.
 Mario and his bro start a business together.
 The debut of modern Mario platforming.
 A reskinned game with Mario slapped onto it.
 Mario needs to go to a whole other land to save a princess this time.
 Mario befriends a dinosaur.
 Mario becomes a computer tutor.
 Make beautiful works right from your SNES.
 Hey now, you're an...
 Mario's polar opposite takes center stage this year.
 Yoshi takes the dangerous deed delivering.
 Mario jumps into the next dimension.
 Mario's not the only one who got his own karting game.
 Mario and the gang have some fun together.
 What is this, a crossover game?
 Mario thins up a bit too much.
 Mario gets trapped in a painting, and a certain someone's gotta go save him.
Year ReleasedGame TitleHint
 Not the relaxing vacation Mario expected.
 The game that left Peach at a loss for words, quite literally.
 Mario faces off once again against an old rival.
 Mario's beside himself. A younger version of himself, that is.
 A return to form for ol' Mario.
 Mario goes to a place no plumber has gone before.
 Mario goes to Beijing to play against a former corporate rival.
 The Koopalings return to make some mayhem.
 Mario heads to space once more.
 Mario jumps into the 3rd dimension - the stereoscopic 3rd dimension!
 Mario sticks it to 'em.
 Player 2 is #1 this year.
 Karting gets flipped on its head.
 How about you do it yourself for once?
 It's faster than walking.
 Mario crashes a wedding.
 It's not just a Mario Party, it's a....

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