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Who was his first girlfriend on the show?
What does Andy famously nick-name him?
Who is his favorite football team?
What sport was he good at in High school?
What was the total cost of his 'Dwight' costume in 'Product Recall'?
What sport does he play Darryl in during 'The Deposition'?
What are his brothers names?
Name one of the games that he plays with Creed during 'Casual Friday'
What is his reason for not being able to punch Michael in 'The Fight'
What does he 'dare' Pam to do during 'Michaels Birthday'?
What was his golf score in 'Job Fair'?
Where is his house near?
What is his pen name? (Garden Party)
What item does he use (on Dwight) to make Stanley laugh?
What does he call Dwight while interviewing him in 'Search Committee'?
In Customer Survey he makes up the name...
In 'Search Committee' Dwight calls Jim's daughter this name...
What does he 'famously' make for pam on the roof (The Client)?
He gets really 'pranky' when he does what?
He claims that Dwight tried to do this to him (Conflict Resolution)

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