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The brain of the computer
Part of computer that understands and responds to instructions
Part of computer that performs math operations
A CPU register that stores memory and data, which will be fetched later for use
Computer memory that is directed accessed by he CPU. Can include cache or ROM
Contains the data that will eventually be stored in the computer memory
Computer memory on which data has already been recorded on
A type of computer memory that can be accessed randomly
A type of RAM that can be accessed faster than normal RAM. It reads data quickly from a smaller cache instead of searching through the large memory for small pieces of data
The basic operation performed by a CPU. The cycle performs the three steps of fetch, decode, and execute at a rate of millions of times per second. The fourth step, store, is perfo
A communication system within a computer that transfers data and information between different components of that computer or device. It can cover both hardware and software
A shared channel that transmits data over a single wire or fiber. Examples include USB wires and Ethernet cables
A collection of wires connecting the CPU with main memory that is used to identify particular locations (addresses) in main memory

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