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Can you answer the various questions on all three of the Bioshock Games?

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Who is the playable protagonist in Bioshock
Who is the creator of Rapture?
What is the first plasmid you acquire in Bioshock?
Who is the crazed artist in Fort Frolic
Who are the crazed inhabitants of Rapture?
What is the name of the protectors of the little sisters?
Where dose ADAM come from?
Who is Sander Cohen's apprentice? (Who plays piano)
On what date was the fall of Rapture?
Who really is Atlas?
Who is the playable protagonist in Bioshock 2?
Who is the main protagonist's Little Sister?
What is your start off weapon?
What is the plasmid that spawns a mini-tornado?
What is the name of the machines that sell plasmids?
What are the female versions of Big Daddies?
In Bioshock 2 who is now in control of much of Rapture?
What machine is used to take people to different areas of Rapture?
What is the substance which powers the use of Plasmids?
Who is the playable protagonist in Minerva's Den DLC?
Who is the playable protagonist in Bioshock Infinite?
Who is the leader of the Vox Populi?
Who keeps Elizabeth imprisoned?
What dose the 'AD' on Booker's hand stand for?
Who is the prophet in Columbia?
Who is Elizabeth in relations to Booker?
What is the first vigor acquired in Bioshock Infinite?
What is the device Elizabeth uses to control Songbird?
Who is the quantum physicist in Bioshock Infinite?
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