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Can you name the UN Member States which figured in a Seinfeld episode?

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Clue from Episode, Clue about CountryUN Member State
George secures miracle hair re-grow cream from a company in this permanent member of the Security Council
Kramer claimed this former SSR was weak while playign a game of Risk, angering an immigrant from there
One of the reasons Elaine was kicked out of her apartment was for using quarters from this North American country in the laundry room
Elaine secures glasses from this ASEAN state to spite Jake Jarmel
Royalty checks - very small ones - keep arriving for Jerry after his brief appearance on a tv show in this East Asian country
Caught up in a lie, George must take a young boy estarnged from his father to this P5 state for a reunion
George Steinbrenner sent George on a scouting mission for the Yankees to this importand member of the Non-Aligned Movement
'Brilliant' George loses his powers after having sex with a waitress from this Iberian country
Brilliant yet difficult writer Rava hailed from this Nordic state
Visiitng marathoner Jean-Paul, was determined not to sleep through the NYC Marathon the way he did for the Olympic race
Jerry forgot to pick up the mail for his neighbor Babu, causing his deportation to this South Asian country
Peterman moved to this ASEAN state following a mental breakdown
Southern Cone state to which the Soup Nazi supposedly fled after his recipes were outed by Elaine
According to a mininterpreted Trivial Pursuit card, the Moops invaded this EU state in the 8th century
To try and impress a woman, George converted to a peculiar brand of Christianity from this Baltic state
Clue from Episode, Clue about CountryUN Member State
This CARICOM state is supposedly home to a 'rattle torture' that Peterman thinks of when hearing Elaine's tic-tac container
Peterman sent Elaine to live in a cave in this N. African state
Jerry dated a gymnast who won a silver medal in gymnastics for this state, one of the only Warsaw Pact countries not to boycott the LA Olympics
When Kramer attemped to 'get' his 'own Cubans' to make cigars, he actually recruited people from this country in the Greater Antilles
The whole gang flew to this member of the BRICs to attend Sue Ellen Mischke's wedding
Kramer describes his eyes as being the color of coffee from this Andean state
Purported lover Eduardo Corochio hooked up with Elaine in this European state
Jerry's Aunt Manya moved from one NATO state where ponies are common, to the USA where ponies are not
Elaine's plans to visit this East African country are scuttled owing to a positive drug test (she ate poppy seed muffins)
Divided Asian country to which George refered when he became nervous receiving a massage from a male masseuese
The Maestro claimed it was impossible to rent a villa in a particular region of this G7 country
Elaine spent six weeks travelling this North American country on 'Peterman's Peso'
According to his autobiography, as a teenager Kramer boarded a steamer to this Nordic state
While conversing with a visiting writer from this country, Elaine unfortunately repeated a Joke Jerry told her about the original title of Tolstoy's 'War and Peace'
George gave a cashmere sweater with a red dot on it to a cleaning woman with whom he had an affair; she spoke of first saw cashmere while growing up in this Central American state

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