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Can you name the common travelling phrases in Korean?

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 Would you recommend a good place to travel?
 Have you ever been to Jeju island?
 What is famous at Jeju island?
 I like traveling by train.
 Did you make a reservation?
 How long are you going to stay here?
 Three nights and four days.
 A smoking/non-smoking room please.
 Is breakfast included?
 Where can I rent a bike?
 How can I get to the nearest bus stop?
 Where is the most popular place to see a sunrise/sunset?
 How long will it take by car?
 How long will it take by bus?
 How long will it take by subway?
 How long will it take on foot?
 This is a wonderful view.
 This is a nice spot to take a picture.
 Would you take a picture of me/us?
 Do you want me to take a picture of you?
 Do you like it?
 Could you take it one more time?
 Please count, 'one, two, three!'
 I'm gonna count to three. One, two, three!
 [to a couple] You guys look good together.
 'Let's take a break and eat'
 'I missed out!'
 'You wouldn't notice even if your friend at the same table dies'
 'Let's be practical!'
 'The other man's rice cake always looks bigger'

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