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startcomplete the lyric1st letter of each word
Welll, you wonder whyI A D I B
why you never seeB C O M B
and why does my appearanceS T H A S T
well, there's a reason forT T T I H O
I wear the black forT P A T B D
livin' in theH H S O T
I wear it for the prisonerW H L P F H C
But is there becauseH A V O T T
I wear the black forT W N R
Or listened toT W T J S
About the road to happinessT L A C
Why, you'd thinkH T S T Y A M
Well, we're doin' mighty fine,I D S
In our streak of lightnin' carsA F C
But just so we're remindedO T O W A H B
Up front there ought to beA M I B
startcomplete the lyric1st letter of each word
I wear it forT S A L O
For the reckless onesW B T L T C
I wear the black in mournin'F T L T C H B
Each week we loseA H F Y M
And I wear it forT T W H D
Believin' that the LordW O T S
I wear it for anotherH T W H D
Believin' that we allW O T S
Well there's things thatN W B R I K
And things need changin'E Y G
But 'til we start to make a moveT M A F T R
You'll never seeM W A S O W
Ah, I'd love to wearA R E D
And tell the worldT E O
But I'll try to carry offA L D O M B
'Til things are brighterI T M I B

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