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Can you name the questions for April from my Jeopardy calendar?

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In the Dictionary
$400: It's a scholar or an eye part 
$1200: This type of letter gets its name from being stored in the bottom of two trays used by typesetters 
$2000: Home buying is scary: this loan agreement comes from the old French for 'dead' and 'pledge' 
Musical Movies
Final Jeopardy: He came out of retirement to play the lead in the movie musical Easter Parade 
Great Books in Haiku
$200: My name is not Gilligan thank god it's Friday 
$600: 1860s book Bolkonsky and Rostova read in a day, not! 
$1000: 1931 everyone Wang Lung tonight and the Buck stops here 
Elton John
$400: The 1997 version of 'Candle in the Wind' honored Princess Diana; the original version was about her 
$1200: Elton John's 1982 song 'Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)' was a tribute to this slain man 
$2000: Completes the apt title of Elton John's 1973 album Don't Shoot Me I'm Only... 
State Capitals
Final Jeopardy: Alphabetically, they're the first two state capitals named for presidents 
Chick Lit
$200: This 1813 novel about the Bennet sisters has been called a chick lit classic 
$600: Lauren Weisberger's first novel was this humorous look at the fashion world and the boss from hell 
$1000: This Candace Bushnell newspaper column inspired an HBO series 
$400: In April 1952, the president seized these mills to help the Korean War effort; then the Supreme Court said he couldn't 
$1200: In April 2003, Worldcomm, Inc. changed its brand name to this three-letter one 
$2000: In this theatre on april 14, 1865, the play Our American Cousin celebrated its one thousandth performance 
Business & Industry
Final Jeopardy: On July 16, 1995, this company made its first sale, a science textbook 
$200: Saint Cadoc founded the Monastery of Llancarfan in this country 
$600: English-born Saint Boniface became Bishop of Mainz and is known as the apostle of this country 
$1000: Saint Mark is the patron saint of this Italian city (his square is famous there) 
$400: The handle of The Big Dipper forms the tail of this constellation The Great Bear 
$1200: One of the first double stars discovered was found by Robert Hooke in 1664, in this constellation of the ram 
$2000: The name of the star Deneb in this constellation is Arabic for 'tail'; it forms the end of the tail of the swan 
The Early 1900s
Final Jeopardy: These two nations fought a war on neither nation's soil; the decisive battle came at present-day Shenyang 
Compound Words
$200: April brings the national safety week for these places--uh-oh, that swing's looking rusty 
$600: Judy Collins, Whoopi Goldberg, and Susan Sarandon have all been this type of ambassador for UNICEF 
$1000: As a noun, it's a small slit in a garment; as a verb, to try to hold someone's attention 
Biblical Cities
$400: This city in Lower Galilee was the hometown of Mary and Joseph 
$1200: Lot fled to Zoar as destruction rained upon Admah, Zeboiim, and these two cities in the Vale of Siddim 

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