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Founder of house Stark and the first King of the NorthBuilt Winterfell castle and the Wall
There was a constant state of war in his realm during his reignSadly that's all
Built up a mighty Northern fleetHe attempted to sail across the Sunset Sea and was never seen again
He set fire to all of his father's shipsSadly that's all
He was one eyedSadly that's all
During his rule the Night's Watch fought Giants and traded with the Children of the ForestSadly that's all
Built a castle at White HarborSadly that's all
He won the NeckHe married the Marsh King's daughter
He served with the Second Sons He won Bear Island in a wrestling match
Was nicknamed SnowbeardSadly that's all
He recaptured the Wolf's DenSadly that's all
Shares the same name with Ned Stark's brotherHe was called the Bitter
Shares the same name with Ned Stark's brotherHe was called the Sweet
Called the BridegroomSadly that's all
Called the MoonkingSadly that's all
Shares the same name with one of the Stark childrenHe was called the Bad
Shares a name with a certain exiled knightSadly that's all
Shares a name with an eight years old Fray and a BrakenSadly that's all
Was king during springSame name as ser. Osgrey who died during the Blackfyre Rebellion.
Bent his knee to Aegon the ConquerorThe first Stark to be Warden of the North
Made the North a kingdom once againWas killed at his uncles wedding

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