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QUIZ: Can you name the Staples APC -Work,Energy,Momentum unit?

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What is the unit of work?
What is the derivative of potential energy over distance?
What is the equation for spring potential energy for linear spring?
What is the net work done on an object?
What is the unit for impulse?
When is energy not conserved?
What type of collision makes energy within a system not conserved?
What is an alternative to the work-energy theorem?
What is conserved in an elastic collision?
There are two science fiction authors on opposite sides of a boat. One is holding a book, and he throws it to the other, who then returns the pass. What is the final velocity of th
a conservative force is independent of its___
Two objects with the same mass and opposite velocities collide. What's their final speed?
The energy of an object increases at a linear rate. Does the power increase, decrease, or remain the same?
An object travels in a uniform circle around the plant Haledofiticip. Is the work done on the object by gravity zero, increasing, or decreasing?
Two objects experiencing different drag forces collide in mid-air. Is the total momentum conserved?
When you punch somebody, what can you decrease to increase the force on the other person?
If momentum is conserved and the mass of an object decreases, what happens to the remaining mass' speed?
A rod sits on a frictionless table on a frictionless pivot. A ball collides with one end of the rod. Is linear momentum conserved?
In the previous situation, is angular momentum conserved?
If a roller coaster starts at a certain height and drops will it be able to return to that original height?
Who is the greatest writer ever?

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