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His father was what Macedonian king?
His mother was what princess from Epirus?
Which wonder of the ancient world was said to have burned down on the day Alexander was born?
What philosopher, author of the 'Nicomachean Ethics', tutored him?
Alexander had a special fondness for what Homeric epic, carrying a copy during his conquests?
His favorite horse, tamed by Alexander at age ten, had what name meaning 'ox head'?
What philosopher, called 'the Cynic', famously asked Alexander to stop blocking his sunlight?
Alexander began his conquest of Asia by crossing what strait, separating Gallipoli from Asia Minor?
His first major victory over the Persians was the 334 BCE battle named for what river?
In Phrygia, he undid what fabled object by slicing it with his sword, fulfilling a prophecy about the 'King of Asia'?
In 332 BCE, he not only spared what famous building, but offered a sacrifice there alongside the high priest?
What 331 BCE battle, in present-day northern Iraq, clinched Alexander's defeat of Persia?
He repeatedly defeated what Persian king, the last effective ruler of the Achaemenid Empire?
After invading India, what king did Alexander defeat at the battle of the Hydaspes, later making him an ally?
Alexander died in what ancient Mesopotamian city?
What adjective denotes the era following his death, marked by Greek influence throughout a vast region?
In that era, what empire controlled the area from the Levant, north to the Caucasus, and east to India?
Likewise, what kingdom arose in the Egyptian part of his realm, lasting 300 years until the death of Cleopatra?
Alexander was often depicted with ram's horns, partly because of his efforts to syncretize himself with what ram-horned Egyptian god?
What book's references to Dhul-Qarnayn, 'the two-horned one', are usually believed to refer to Alexander?
According to that book, Alexander built a wall in the Caucasus to keep out what pair of entities, also mentioned in the Old and New Testaments?

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