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Can you name the the musical groups or artists that start with the letter B?

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Their self titled debut album in 1976 was a huge commercial success. Also a city in Massachusetts.
This band is the last name of a New Jersey native son.
Scorsese made The Last Waltz about this band's supposed final concert.
White rappers from Brooklyn.
He personified glitter rock and was a diamond dog.
Once a member of Destiny's Child and now a superstar solo artist.
Canadian band that claimed you ain't seen nothin yet.
This Irish band sang about a girl who didn't like mondays.
Former lead singer Richard Shannon Hoon died of a cocaine overdose in 1995.
This Canadian band wished they had one million dollars.
These guys were all about Good Vibrations.
This band out of Athens, Georgia might have lived in a love shack.
The Fab Four.
This Long Island band was also known as Soft White Underbelly.
This female folk singer from the 60's was born in Staten Island, NY.
Front man for mega Irish rock band; one word name.
Ozzy was famous but Geezer played a mean bass guitar.
His album Odelay received a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year.
Will.I.Am is their leader.
All female band that could walk like the Egyptians.
Once considered the heir apparent to the Beatles, this band saw two of its original members both commit suicide.
She became the leader of the New Bohemians in 1985.
This Princeton, New Jersey band was led by big John Popper.
All female band with a big hit that talked about a Cruel Summer.
Ex-Mott the Hoople guitarist Mick Ralphs was their axe man.
This R & B singer recorded a riveting version of the U2 song 'One'.
This English band from the 70's was led by Bill Nelson.
This talented solo artist was never Running On Empty.
This band rocks One Way or Another.
Their 1994 debut was titled Sixteen Stone.

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