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What state was he born in?
What state did he represent in Congress?
He was a member of what political party?
Who did he beat in the presidential election of 1844?
What number President was he?
Who was his Vice President?
Name one of the Presidents Polk served as Speaker of the House under?
How many months after his presidency did he die?
What University did graduate with honors from?
What rank did Polk achieve in the local militia in Tennessee
What age did Polk get elected to the House of Representatives
He had a close relationship with this other US president..
What issue vaulted Polk from 'Dark Horse' to presidential nominee for the Democratic party?
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This common term for the US expansion west began by Polk supporting Democrats..
Polk campaigned and accomplished promise #1
Polk campaigned and accomplished promise #2
Polk campaigned and accomplished promise #3
Polk campaigned and accomplished promise #4
During his presidency he was known as...
What country did the US go to War with under Polk?
What country did Polk compromise with to avoid conflict over Oregon Country?
In 1848 this treaty added 1.2 million square miles of land to the United States
This future president worked closely with Polk as a General in the conflict with Mexico
This future president served as Secratary of State under Polk..
Name one of the three states that were admitted to the union during Polk's term..

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