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Can you name the Characters - Playhouse Disney Characters From Fall 2010 lineup?

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Handy Manny (tools)
Grumpy screwdriver 
Phillips head screwdriver 
He's a hammer 
Monkey Wrench 
Tape Measure 
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Title Character 
Female Mouse 
Raspy voiced bird friend of title character 
Female Duck 
Bumbling friend of title character 
Title character's dog 
The Imagination Movers
The drummer  
The man with the magical goggles 
The man with the outdoorsy hat 
The man with the magical storage hat 
Friendly neighbor lady 
Boring neighbor fellow 
Handy Manny (people)
Title character 
Hardware store owner 
Candy store owner 
The Mayor  
Red train 
Blue - load moving locomotive 
Green and purple bullet style train 
Special Agent Oso
Title character 
Title character's PDA 
Title character's boss 
Jungle Junction
Pink piglet Scooter 
Blue elephant van 
Lemur with wheels who likes signs 
Little Einsteins
6 year old boy, leader of the crew 
6 year old girl who loves to dance and art 
Leader's younger sister 
5 year old boy who loves all music 
Between shows
Monkey #1 
Monkey #2 

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