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Can you name the Nick Jr. characters from their prime time line up?

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Yo Gabba Gabba
The big one behind Gabba land....with the hat... and the dancing 
He's tall and happy 
The little green one 
She's pink and frienldy 
She likes to have fun 
The magic robot 
The Penguin 
The... ? 
The Moose 
The Kangaroo 
The Hippo 
Dora the Explorer
Title character and Exploerer 
A jovial shoed monkey 
A real jerk, who is a bandana laden fox 
Sort of like an atlas or mapquest 
Container on your back who always asks two wrong questions before offering up correct answers 
The Wonderpets
Guinea Pig (which guinea, papua? equatorial? -bissau? 
Rabbit who is nearly ready for an absurd spin-off in this quizmakers opinion 
Go Diego, Go!
He's a very loud animal rescuer 
A famously voiced camera, with zoom capabilities 
Nerdy sister 
Is a young, non adult jaguar 
The Fresh Beat Band
Mostly DJ 
Mostly piano 
Mostly guitar 
Mostly drummer 
The green sweater 
Between shows characters
He is a moose who's horns come out his ears 
Silent fluttery type 
Ni Hao Kai-Lan
Observes and understands her friends feelings and helps solve problems 
Perhaps the most nice and calm grandfather in the entire world 
The tiger 
The koala 
The monkey 
The rhino who floats by putting one helium baloon on her horn!! 

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