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Can you determine which band sang which lyrics (Black Veil Brides or Pierce The Veil)?

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HintAnswer (B or P)Song
''Even if I start to fall, I swear to you I'll rise again''
''Partners in crime will leave their mark''
''Dare me to jump off this Jersey bridge''
''With knives and pens we made our plight''
''Can we lose our minds and call it love for the last time?''
''Born a saint, but with every sin I still wanna be holy''
''I count your heartbeats before you sleep''
''My teenage heart attack keeps talking back''
HintAnswer (B or P)Song
''I held the key to the kingdom''
''I hope you like the stars I stole for you''
''It's all done for you''
''What's so good about picking up the pieces?''
''This love will set you free from thoughts of yesterday''
''I've been saving myself for you''
''We are the only glory, hear us screaming loud''

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