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In which TØP play in an abandoned warehouse
In which TØP is followed by two guys in white suits
In which TØP perform in the middle of a forest
In which TØP documents their journey to fame through multiple shots of this song, from 12 people in a basement, to 300 in a darker basement, to 12,000 in a concert arena
In which TØP play outside a house until the sun sets
In which Tyler shaves his head
In which Tyler plays an accordion on a snow-covered street
In which TØP plays a piano in the middle of a street with flashbacks of a concert
In which TØP play a piano and drums in front of a blank backdrop
In which TØP perform surrounded by living skeletons
In which TØP perform in Chinatown
In which TØP perform around their hometown
In which TØP plays a ukulele in several places...

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