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Can you name the Panic! at the Disco when given a brief description?

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In which Panic! sings dramatically without wearing anything
In which Panic! is in a labyrinth that defies gravity
In which a mime takes the stage...
In which Panic! prance about in their pajamas
In which Panic! falls into Hell and transforms into a demon
In which Panic! graffiti the lyrics to this song all over town...
In which Panic! tries not to get killed by psychopath doctors and flying ropes
In which Panic! attends a steampunk funeral
In which we follow a girl with a fish tank on her head
In which Panic! wears a shiny suit and beheads a lady
In which Panic! finds a secret door and make lots of costume changes.
In which Panic! crashes a wedding
In which Panic! are freed from a matryoshka doll, play random instruments, ride high wheels, row in a rowboat, and become children, and, finally, elderly
In which Panic! walks through a high school perfectly synchronized

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