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In which a creepy dude seduces a girl into going into his creepy basement, and threatens literally everyone
In which the working boys of NY go on strike
In which six women dance in jail
In which two witches become best friends
In which a orphan boy joins a gang of thieving pick-pockets
In which a little girl finds a family in the middle of a war; two people fall in love; a man commits suicide; another man finds how to live on; and A LOT OF PEOPLE DIE!
In which two NY rival gangs get in a huge fight, but two different members still fall in love with each other
In which a pretty French girl confronts a large, hairy, scary, animal
In which a goth girl finds a boyfriend and introduces him to her parents
In which a girl gets legs
In which a nun-in-training becomes a nanny, then a wife
In which a man expresses himself through Green Day songs
In which a furry animal discovers himself after much trial and error

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