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In which Paramore set multiple world records
In which the band is engaged in a war with colors
In which Hayley sings in a recording studio
In which Paramore are stuck in a creepy hospital
In which scratched-up Paramore film a music video
In which a bunch of illustrated circles with teeth chase some drawn animals
In which Paramore is in a desert being spied on by people
In which Paramore plays in a room beneath the stairs with a single lightbulb
In which we follow a butterfly-loving girl
In which a guy is yelled at while working, and a girl is pressured to be skinny
In which Hayley has the rest of the band members tied up in her basement
In which Paramore perform in a forest
In which two fans aspire to meet Hayley Williams
In which Paramore shuts down a school bully
In which Paramore row in a boat with balloons, dance in a room with strobe lights, bike inside a house, dance with ballerinas, and play with sparklers as fireworks go off
In which Hayley goes on a hunt for the perfect guy

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