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Can you name the video game characters with headwear?

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HintCharacterDebut Game
This man wears a tiara given to him by his sister. He's a prince.
You have the right to get funky. And he'll make sure you use it.
Probably the most famous hat in gaming. Matches his 'stache.
This boy's cap compliments his love of baseball. It might help that he's psychic.
When the world is being overrun by zombies, nobody cares if you're half-naked.
His helmet is known throughout the universe. Don't confuse his origin with another type of hat.
He wants to be the very best. His hat matches his items.
He doesn't own many hats, but his enemies give them right up.
This guy is psycho, but he can fight? Yes... YES!
Hurry up, and she just might take her hat off for you.
HintCharacterDebut Game
If you're having dreams about him, panic. There is a man in his hat.
The face of evil- shame you can't see it, thanks to their hats.
He know's his way around ship technology. But what of his girlfriend... but WHERE of his girlfriend?
It's a pirate's life for him. His pal's name isn't 'Pedia'.
Zeus wannabe. Complete with flight, immortality, and lightning! Wait, immortality- doesn't that contradict his origin?
This hat can only be worn by a true hero. It will disappear at twilight, so heed his advice whil you can.
A puzzling chap who would never dream of removing his hat. British.
Perhaps not necessarily a hat, but her headwear has survived the perpetual haunting of four who haven't.
Man's closest relative. He's advertising, but probably not being paid. He's bananas.
This hat is certainly good at drawing attention. Don't know this one? Use your imagination!

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