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Can you name the Brawl in the Family Cast?

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Small, spherical protagonist.
Take off his mask; death is upon you.
He isn't fond of Christmas, or the protagonist.
Fearsome mercenary working under (above character)
The 'hot chick' of BitF. She's a child. Yeah.
The love interest of the protagonist. Probably female.
The fearless. The heroic. The plumber.
The sibling. The forgotten. Also the plumber.
Fast, furious, and not great at Poker.
Notorious clock-cleaner.
Blue shells lead him to kidnapping. Father of 8+.
Friend of the protagonist. Astonishingly good attorney.
The princess excuses him. Uses bombs wrongly.
He is everywhere. EVERYWHERE.
Should really consider an alarm system.
Wait, she's a girl? Potential love interest for the gambling-challenged.
Lost the 100m courtesy of Sakurai.

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