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Official Name
Slang Name
Slang Name
Main Flag Colour
Main Flag Colour
Symbol in centre of Flag
Year Founded
Capital City
Second Largest City
Official Language
Official Language
Official Language
Protestant Celebration Day
World famous golfer from a town called Hollywood
Gerry Adams is the leader of this political party
Political Party with most seats in the NI Assembly
Parliament Buildings
No of members of European Parliament
Name a County
Name a County
Name a County
Name a County
Name a County
Name a County
Bordering Country
Ruled by
Main Religious Denomination
Main Religious Denomination
1998 Nobel Peace Prize winner
1998 Nobel Peace Prize winner
Highest Point (850m)
Largest Island
Largest Lake
World Heritage Site on North East Coast
National Stadium
One of the two racecourses
One of the two racecourses
BBC Sports Personality of the Year for 2010 from Moneyglass
Elite Ice Hockey League Team
2010 US Open Winner (Golf)
Most Successful IFA Premiership Team
Famous NI company responsible for building the Titanic
Belfast City Airport is named after this NI sporting hero
Oscar, Golden Globe & BAFTA nominated actor from Ballymena
Omagh Singer who won the Eurovision for Ireland in 1992
Name of the World's Most Bombed Hotel
Oldest Institution of Higher Learning
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