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QUIZ: Can you name the facts about Ireland?

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Official Name
Name in Irish
Flag Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Colour
Number of Counties
Number of Provinces
Longest River
Largest Island (excluding country itself)
Highest Peak
Taoiseach/Prime Minister
Name of Parliament Buildings
Party with most seats in Parliament
Capital City
Smallest County
Largest County
Name a Province
Name a Province
Name a Province
Name a Province
Member of the EU
Official Language
Official Language
Most celebrated National Saint (National Day is his feast day)
National Day
Main Religion
Symbol on the coat of arms
National Emblem
No of times Ireland have won the Eurovision Song Contest
Drive on the ...
Most famous Irish band, based on albums sold
National Anthem
National Sport
Biggest Stadium
Most Successful Hurling Team
Most Successful Gaelic Football Team
Three time Golf Major winner
Gained Independence from
Internet Country Code
Famous Irish speaking part of Galway
Bordering Ocean
World renowned Rugby player and record Irish try scorer
Legal age to vote
National Park in Co Kerry that is very popular with tourists
Acclaimed Irish Poet who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1923
Name of day after Christmas Day
Oldest Institution of Higher Learning

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