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Gene and RI'm rappin' in the rain, just rappin' in the rain
Paul and CarlyReminiscent of an 80's detective show
Wilson and Bobby BorisThe monsters mash at the midnight hour
John and BonnieHey, we're talking siblings here
Green, Doris, It's a Beautiful, and Billie HolliRockers, professional virgin, 60's vets, and blues-singing lady
Duane and NelsonGuitar twanger and 30's movie troubadour
Michael and JeanettePop signer and 30's movie troubadouress
Joe, Michael, Wanda, and MahaliaCome on, do you really need a clue?
Roger and EthelRock icon and actress/blues singer
Bill and VaughnMandolin master and pop baritone
Sam and KateAnother mandolin master and ethereal popster
Rhonda and GeneStill another mandolin master and early rocker
Lena and MarilynTwo great singers
Richard, Sophie, Tanya, and MarshallOperatic cantor, red-hot mama, country star, and flautist et al
B.B., Freddie, and AlbertBlues royalty
James and JulieEverybody run, the homecoming queen's got a brand new bag
Terry and BryanCreative Q'er and singer
Al and MarianErstwhile Q'er and singer
Steve Win, Ron, and Carrie UnderToo many cars around the sphinx
James, Hound Dog, and KokoPop god and Chicago blues folks
John and his SistersSuperstar and bubbly group
Richard and the TwinsGuitar genius and Brit popsters
George and WilbertFrom Liverpool to Kansas City
Steve and BennyFolkie and clarinetist
Jack and RobertIs the crossroads in Hawaii?
Cisco and WhitneyCompatriots of Wood Guthrie/Bobby Brown
Glenn, Steve, Roger, and RogerThe pomputis of swing and king of the Burma Road
Chet, LaVern, and JosephineTormenter trumpeter, jim-dandy singer, and the toast of Paree

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