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Can you name the non-rare weapons in Phantasy Star Online (PSO)?

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Photon ColorNameWeapon Class
BlueSaber Class
PurpleSaber Class
RedSaber Class
GoldSaber Class
BlueHandgun Class
PurpleHandgun Class
RedHandgun Class
GoldHandgun Class
BlueCane Class
PurpleCane Class
RedCane Class
BlueDagger Class
PurpleDagger Class
RedDagger Class
GoldDagger Class
BlueRifle Class
PurpleRifle Class
RedRifle Class
GoldRifle Class
BlueRod Class
PurpleRod Class
RedRod Class
BlueSword Class
Photon ColorNameWeapon Class
PurpleSword Class
RedSword Class
GoldSword Class
BlueShot Class
PurpleShot Class
RedShot Class
GoldShot Class
BlueWand Class
PurpleWand Class
RedWand Class
BluePartisan Class
PurplePartisan Class
RedPartisan Class
GoldPartisan Class
BlueSlicer Class
PurpleSlicer Class
RedSlicer Class
GoldSlicer Class
BlueMechgun Class
PurpleMechgun Class
RedMechgun Class
GoldMechgun Class

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