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What is the last name of Sam and Dean?
Sam is the older brother?
In which episode do the boys ALMOST reach their father?Bugs, The slice girls, Home or The girl with the dungeons and dragon tattoo
who is the awesome girl in the girl with the dungons and dragon tattoo?like a sister to sam and dean
Who dies again and agin in the mystery spot?But keeps coming back to life
Who is the head leviathan?charlie worked with him for a bit without relising what he was
Who is the 'mother' of creaturessomeone from the bible
Who was the fathers friend and father figure to sam and dean?been there from the beginning
Why does bobby sell his soul?to get the location of ..... for sam and dean
What's the girl in scarecrow called?her aunt and uncle try to sacrifice her
What creature do sam and dean hunt in phantom traveler?Its not a phantom :D
Who is the con woman calledis in bad day at black rock
Which main girl demon gets killed in lucifer risingis in so many epersoides
What is the lucky charm in bad day at black rockturns out not to be so lucky
The main angel

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