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Can you name the Mixed-Up Chinese Harry Potter Terms?

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Complex Square Soup PreparationSTOP SINGING!!!
A No Thought Deng Cloth Profit ManyPay very close attention to the word 'cloth'...
Levin Farm Sri Lanka Lu FlatWhy do so many people like Sri Lanka?
Kui In Strive Sri Lanka Odd LuoHe's odd, apparently.
A Pull Ge GramI REALLY can't believe this got accepted. Google takes anything.
Living Point Ground DrawingNOT alive.
Chun EagleDon't know what 'Chun' is...
Long Old Magic CaneMuch better than it sounds.
Have Begging Must Should HouseYou need to get this!
Magic Ghost NetworkNot magic, not a ghost, not a network. Well, maybe magic, but not the others.
Grid Luo GeneralHI!
Pakistan Gram Ratio GramOkay...
Ride Scholar Public Altogether Steam CarHey, look, it says gullible on the ceiling.
Health Chennai Profit Blessing LuckyBOO!
Correct Angle LaneYou better get this the first word in the hint!
God Secret DepartmentWhat has God have to do with it?
Paint Gold StoneAre we sure it's gold?
Complex Living StoneIT'S ALIVE!!! IT'S ALIVE!!!
Many Luo Mine Sri Lanka Black Farm In OddYou will never guess!
V Ground MagicI can't believe this actually went through.
Crazy Eye Chinese Solemn DiNot that hard
Hidden Body Fight SailFight sail! It's not a sail, and it doesn't fight!
Close RoomClosed, open, closed, open, closed, it's so confusing!
Hemp MelonThis sounds weird.
Western Dover Le Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Within GeneralI had no idea he likes Sri Lanka!
Many ArmI'm pretty sure he only has two...?
Photograph Soul StrangeJust because it has photograph in it does NOT mean it's Colin Creevey!
Huo Grid Fertile MainzTry sounding it out.
No Can Forgive Forgive CurseToo easy.
Lucky Morality Luo Luo Gram Ha SpecialLUO LUO!!!
Small Day Wolf Star Cloth Levin GramLast name's harder than the first name.
Cry Weep Of Peach Gold WomanGo away.

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