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Can you name the Greek Mortals?

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Hunter PrincessPrincess
Cretan PrincessPrincess
Athenian Snake KingKing
King tied to a Fiery Wheel for Eternity.King
Cretan QueenQueen
King who turned into a WolfKing
Chained PrincessPrincess
Hero who did the Twelve LaboursHero
Labyrinth Creator
Winged Boy
Hunter who turned into a Stag
Princess who turned into a BearPrincess
Mother of PerseusPrincess
Minotaur SlayerHero
Thessalian King who survived the Great DelugeKing
Handsome Man
Princess who turned into a CowPrincess
Cretan KingKing
Princess kidnapped by ZeusPrincess
King who was driven mad by DionysusKing
Chimera SlayerHero
Spartan Queen and Mother of the GeminiQueen
King of Mycenae, Giver of the Twelve LaboursKing
Near-Invincible HeroHero
Queen of the Amazons
Thessalian King who was cursed by DemeterKing

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