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São Tomé and Príncipe
1st and Current Pres., 1975-1991, 2011-Present 
1st and Current Pres./Chmn. of the Nat'l Assembly, 1991-Present 
South Sudan
1st/Current Pres., 2011-Present 
1st Pres., 1975-1979 (Died in office) 
Current Pres., 1979-Present 
1st Pres., 1990-2005 (Retired) 
Current Pres., 2005-Present 
Current Pres., 2008-Present 
1st Pres., 1966-1980 (Died in office) 
1st Pres., 1964-1991 
Current Pres., 2011-Present 
1st PM, 1980-1987; Current Pres., 1987-Present 
Current PM, 2009-Present 
1st Post-Independence King, 1968-1982 (Died in office) 
Current King, 1986-Present 
1st Pres., 1964-1985 (Resigned) 
Current Pres., 2005-Present 
1st Pres., 1966-1994 
Current Pres., 2012-Present 
Equatorial Guinea
1st Pres., 1968-1979 (Deposed and executed) 
Current Pres., 1982-Present 
1st Pres., 1960-1982 (resigned) 
PM, 1975-1982; Current Pres., 1982-Present 
The Gambia
1st Pres., 1970-1994 (Deposed) 
Current Pres., 1994-Present 
Prime Minsiter, 1977; 1st Pres., 1977-1999 
Current Pres., 1999-Present 
1st Pres., 1975-1986 (Died in office) 
2nd Pres., 1986-2005 
Current Pres., 2005-Present 
1st Pres., 1966-1976 (Deposed) 
4th Pres., 1993 (Assassination sparked Burundi genocide) 
Current Pres., 2005-Present 
1st Post Indendence Pres., 1962-1973 (Deposed) 
2nd Post Independence Pres., 1973-1994 (Assassination sparked Rwanda genocide) 
Current Pres., 2000-Present 
PM, 1962-1966; 2nd and 6th Pres., 1966-1971 (Deposed), 1980-1985 (Deposed) 
3rd Pres., 1971-1979 (Deposed in Uganda-Tanzania war) 
Current Pres., 1986-Present 
Gabon (Gabonese Republic)
1st Pres., 1960-1967 (Died in office) 
2nd Pres., 1967-2009 (Died in office) 
Current Pres., 2009-Present 
Togo (Togolese Republic)
1st Pres., 1960-1963 (Assassinated) 
3rd Pres., 1967-2005 (Died in office) 
Current Pres., 2005-Present 
Burkina Faso
1st Pres., 1959-1966 (Deposed) (Upper Volta) 
PM, 1983; Chmn. of the Nat'l Rev. Coun., 1983-1987 (Murdered) (Upper Volta) 
Current Pres., 1987-Present 
Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
1st Pres., 1960-1993 (Died in office) 
4th Pres., 2000-2010 
PM, 1990-1993; Current Pres., 2010-Present 
Cape Verde
1st Pres., 1975-1991 
1st PM, 1975-1991; 3rd Pres., 2001-2011 
Current PM, 2001-Present 
1st Pres., 1976-1977 (Deposed) 
1st PM, 1976-1977; 2nd Pres., 1977-2004 (Retired) 
Current Pres., 2004-Present 
1st Pres., 1960-1975 (Killed) 
PM, 1978-1979; Chmn. of the Command Coun. of the Armed Forces of the North/Chmn. of the Coun. of State/3rd Pres., 1982-1990 (Deposed) 
Pres. of the Patriotic Salvation Movement/Current Pres., 1990-Present 
1st King of Independent Morocco, 1927-1953 (Exiled), 1955-1957 (Died in office) 
King, 1961-1999 (Died in office) 
Current King, 1999-Present 
1st Pres., 1957-1987 (Declared medically unfit to rule) 
PM, 1987; 2nd Pres., 1987-2011 (Resigned in Arab Spring) 
Current Interim Pres., 2011-Present 
Only King of Independent Libya, 1951-1969 (Deposed) 
Chmn. of the Rev. Command Coun./PM/Secretary-General of the General People's Congress/Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Rev., 1969-2011 (Killed in Libyan Civil War) 
Current PM, 2012-Present 
1st Post-Independence King, 1966-1990 (Rorced to resign), 1995-1996 (Died in office) 
Current King, 1990-1995, 1996-Present 
PM, 1998-2012 
Current PM, 2012-Present 
1st Pres., 1964-1978 (Died in office) 
2nd Pres., 1978-2002(Retired) 
Current Pres., 2002-Present 
Current PM, 2008-Present 
Republic of the Congo
1st Pres., 1960-1963 (Deposed in the Trois Glorieuses uprising) 
3rd Pres., 1970-1977 (Assassinated) (People's Republic of the Congo) 
PM, 1963-1966; 1st Democratically Elected/5th Pres., 1992-1997 (Deposed in Republic of the Congo Civil War) 
4th and Current Pres., 1979-1992, 1997-Present 
1st Pres., 1960-1966 (Deposed) 
Chmn. of the Armed Forces Rev. Coun., 1979; Chmn. of the Provisional Nat'l Defence Concil/1st Pres. of the Fourth Republic, 1981-2001 
1st Democratically Elected/2nd Pres., 1979-1981 (Deposed) 
Current Pres., 2012-Present 
1st Pres., 1958-1984 (Died in office) 
Chmn. of the Military Cmte. of Nat'l Restoration/2nd Pres., 1984-2008 (Died in office) 
3rd Pres., 2008-2009 (Incapacitated after assassination attempt) 
1st Democratically Elected/4th Pres., 2010-Present 
1st Pres., 1960-1980 (Retired) 
PM, 1970-1980; 2nd Pres., 1981-2000 
3rd Pres., 2000-2012 
PM, 2004-2007; Current Pres., 2012-Present 
1st PM, 1968-1982 
PM, 1982-1995, 2000-2003; 3rd Pres., 2003-2012 (Resigned) 
Current PM, 1995-2000, 2005-Present 
PM, 2003-2005 (Only non-Hindu PM) 
1st and 3rd Pres./Co-Chmn. of the Politico-Military Directorate/Co-Chmn. of the Directorate, 1975 (Deposed), 1978-1989 (Assassinated) 
Chief of State of the Nat'l Development Army/1st Pres. of the Union of the Comoros, 2001-2006 (from Grande Comore) 
2nd Pres. of the Union of the Comoros, 2006-2011 (from Anjouan) 
Current Pres., 2011-Present (from Mohéli) 
1st Pres., 1960-1967 
PM, 1960-1964; 2nd Pres., 1967-1969 (Assassinated) 
Chmn. of the Supreme Rev. Coun./3rd Pres., 1969-1991 (Deposed in Somali Civil War) 
Current PM, 2012-Present 
Last Emperor, 1930-1974 (Deposed) 
2nd and 4th Chmn. of the Derg/1st Pres., 1974, 1977-1991 (Deposed in Ethiopian Civil War) 
Interim Pres., 1991-1995; PM, 1995-2012 (Died in Office) 
Current PM, 2012-Present 
1st PM, 1954-1956; Chmn. of the Soverignty Coun., 1965-1969 (Deposed) 
Chmn. of the Supreme Coun./1st Pres./PM, 1958-1964 (Resigned) 
Chmn. of the Nat'l Rev. Command Coun./2nd Pres., 1969-1985 (Deposed); PM, 1969-1976, 1977-1985 (Deposed) 
Chmn. of the Rev. Command Coun. for Nat'l Salvation/Current Pres., 1989-Present 
1st Pres., 1963-1965 (Deposed) 
Chmn. of the Rev. Coun./2nd Pres., 1965-1978 (Died in office) 
3rd Pres., 1979-1992 (Deposed in Algerian Civil War) 
Current Pres., 1999-Present 
South Africa
Last PM, 1978-1984; 6th State Pres./1st Executive State Pres., 1984-1989 (resigned) 
7th State Pres./Last Apartheid Pres., 1989-1994 
1st Post-Apartheid Pres., 1994-1999 (Retired) 
2nd Post-Apartheid Pres., 1999-2008 (Resigned) 
Current Pres., 2009-Present 
Democratic Republic of the Congo
1st Pres., 1960-1965 (Deposed) (Republic of the Congo) 
1st PM, 1960 (Deposed) (Republic of the Congo) 
2nd Pres., 1965-1997 (Deposed in 1st Congo War) (Zaire) 
3rd Pres., 1997-2001 (Assassinated) 
Current Pres., 2001-Present 
Central African Republic
1st and 3rd Pres., 1960-1966 (Deposed), 1979-1981 (Deposed) 
2nd Pres./Emperor, 1966-1979 (Deposed) (Central African Empire) 
4th Pres., 1981-1993 
PM, 1976-1978; 5th Pres., 1993-2003 (Deposed) 
Current Pres., 2003-Present 
Sierra Leone
3rd PM, 1968-1971; 1st Pres., 1971-1985 (Retired) 
2nd Pres., 1985-1992 (Deposed in Sierra Leone Civil War) 
2nd Chmn. of the Nat'l Provisional Defense Coun., 1992-1996 (Deposed) 
3rd Pres., 1996-1997 (Deposed), 1998-2007 
Current Pres., 2007-Present 
1st Pres., 1959-1972 
Chmn. of the Supreme Revolutonary Coun./2nd and 4th Pres., 1975-1992, 1997-2002 
3rd Pres., 1993-1996 (Resigned) 
5th Pres., 2002-2009 (Deposed) 
Current Pres. of the High Transitional Authority, 2009-Present 
1st Pres., 1960-1968 (Deposed) (Mali Federation) 
Chmn. of the Military Cmte. for Nat'l Liberation/2nd Pres., 1968-1991 (Deposed) 
Chmn. of the Nat'l Reconciliation Coun., 1991-1992; 4th Pres. 2002-2012 (Deposed) 
1st Democratically Elected/3rd Pres., 1992-2002 
Current Acting Pres., 2012-Present 
1st Pres., 1960-1978 (Deposed) 
PM, 1981-1984, 1984-1992; 3rd Chmn. of the Military Cmte. for Nat'l Salvation/2nd Pres., 1984-2005 (Deposed) 
Chmn. of the Military Coun. for Justice and Democracy, 2005-2007 
1st Democratically Elected/3rd Pres., 2007-2008 (Deposed) 
Pres. of the High Coun. of State, 2008-2009; Current Pres., 2009-Present 
PM/1st Pres., 1953-1954 (Resigned) 
PM/Chmn. of the Rev. Command Coun./2nd Pres., 1954-1970 (Died in office) (United Arab Republic) 
PM/3rd Pres., 1970-1981 (Assassinated) 
PM/4th Pres., 1981-2011 (Resigned in Arab Spring) 
1st Democratically Elected/Current Pres., 2012-Present 
1st and 7th Pres., 1848-1856, 1872-1876 
19th Pres., 1944-1971 (Died in office) 
20th Pres., 1971-1980 (Deposed and killed) 
Head of People's Redemption Coun./21st Pres., 1980-1990 (killed in 1st Liberian Civil War) 
22nd Pres., 1997-2003 
Current Pres., 2006-Present 
1st Pres., 1973-1980 (Deposed) 
Chmn. of the Coun. of the Rev./Chmn. of the Coun. of State/2nd and 4th Pres., 1980-1999 (Deposed in Guinea-Bissau Civil War), 2005-2009 (Assassinated) 
Acting and 5th Pres., 1999-2000, 2009-2012 (Died in office) 
3rd Pres., 2000-2003 (Deposed) 
PM, 2004-2005, 2009-2012 
Currenct Acting Pres., 2012-Present 
1st Pres., 1960-1974 (Deposed) 
Pres. of the Supreme Military Coun., 1974-1987 
2nd Pres. of the Supreme Military Coun./Pres. of the Supreme Coun. of Nat'l Orientation/2nd Pres., 1987-1993 
1st Democratically Elected/3rd Pres., 1993-1996 (Deposed) 
5th Pres., 1999-2010 (Deposed) 
PM, 1993-1994; Current Pres., 2011-Present 
1st Pres., 1960-1963 (Deposed); Chmn. of the Presidential Coun., 1970-1972 (Dahomey) 
2nd Pres., 1964-1965 (Deposed); Member of the Presidential Coun. (Dahomey) 
PM, 1964-1965; Chmn. of the Presidential Coun., 1972 (Deposed) (Dahomey) 
Head of the Provisional Government, 1963-1964; 3rd Pres., 1965-1967 (Deposed) (Dahomey) 
5th and 7th Pres., 1972-1991, 1996-2006 (Dahomey) (People's Republic of Benin) 
PM, 1990-1991; 1st Democratically Elected/6th Pres., 1991-1996 
Current Pres., 2006-Present 
Inaugual Pres., 1963-1966 (Deposed) 
2nd Head of the Federal Military Government, 1966-1975 (Deposed) 
3rd Head of the Federal Military Government, 1975-1976 (Assassinated) 
4th Head of the Federal Military Government, 1976-1979; 3rd Pres. 1999-2007 
1st Democratically Elected/2nd Pres., 1979-1983 (Deposed) 
Pres. of the Armed Forces Ruling Counsel, 1985-1993 (resigned) 
1st Chmn. of the Provisional Ruling Coun., 1993-1998 (Died in office) 
2nd Chmn. of the Provisional Ruling Coun., 1998-1999 
Current Pres., 2011-Present 

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