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QUIZ: Can you name My Top 10 Favorite Zelda Items

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You pull a trigger and it launches a chain with a piece at the end that sticks to certain objects that then pulls you to it, or the object to you.
It is magical. All you need to do is equip it onto your bow and fire.
This item is magical. All you do is you wave it and it releases either fire, chunks of ice, a pillar of sand, or a temporary tornado for you to hover in.
This item is magical. Use it in the right way to make a big dome of fire.
This item is half magical, half spiritual. It is a mask.
This item is magical. This item is featured in two of the Zelda's series greatest games. Think music.
This item can reflect light and magic.
This item can make you do super fast.
Just put it on, jump, and vwolla! You're gliding through the air!
This item is half magical, half spiritual. It is a mask.

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