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Can you name the Jurassic Park Deaths in the entire series?

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How they Died/HintCharacterKiller
Eaten, fell off gate.
Eaten on toilet.
Eaten off screen in shed.
Eaten, sacrificed so Ellie can reach the shed safely.
Eaten, death saved the group.
Eaten, fattness probably would of killed him 5 years later.
Eaten, off screen, parasail.
Eaten, survival of the fittest.
Eaten, ironically afraid of a Milksnake.
Eaten offscreen, on a boat.
How they Died/HintCharacterKiller
Eaten, ripped in two.
Eaten, trampled several times.
Eaten, please stop the plane.
Eaten, he deserved it.
Eaten, only if he unbuckled his seatbelt in time...
Eaten, don't go in the long grass... he warned them.
Eaten while using the 'ladies room'.
Eaten, he fell down.
Crushed and drowned.

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