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QUIZ: Can you answer the question relating to the Biology 2a 2015 syllabus?

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What substance that is created in the liver is a key part of the breakdown of food?
Where is the genetic material found in bacterial cells?
In what state of matter can diffusion not occur?
What three things do plant cells have that animal cells don't?
What type of plant cell does the majority of photosynthesis happen in?
What is 'the square thingy' used to measure the distribution of organisms?
How many chromosomes are in both a sperm cell and an egg cell?
What is the proper scientific name for skin tissue?
Roughly, what is the temperature at which it is too hot for photosynthesis?
Apart from being stored as starch and in seeds, what 3 things do plants use glucose for?
In alphabetical order, what are the five things that are in both plant and animal cells?
What is the balanced symbol equation for photosynthesis?
What are the three main limiting factors that affect the rate of photosynthesis in plants?

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