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Forced Order
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Gehry Residence
AEG Turbine Factory
Hodek's Apartment Building
Tassel House stair hall
Brasilia, Lúcio Costa
Marina City
Red House
Villa Müller
Brion-Vega Cemetery
Gunma Prefectural Museum of Modern Art
Vanna Venturi House
McCormick Tribune Campus Center, Illinois Institute of Technology
Rockefeller Center
Seagram Building
Bullocks Wilshire Department Store - now Southwestern Law School
Salk Institute
Linke Wienzeile Apartment Buildings
Tugendhat House
Kaufmann House
Tropical House - Maison Tropicale
National Farmers' Bank
La Citta Nuova
Casa Rotonda
UNAM Library
Imperial Hotel
Glass Pavilion
Villa Mairea
Robie House
Monument to the Third International
Gamble House
Unité d'habitation
Olympic Stadium
Capital of Punjab
OAU Campus, Oduduwa (Assembly Hall)
Weissenhof Siedlung apartment building
Prieto Lopez House
Dymaxion House
Nakagin Capsule Tower
Secession Building
National Art Schools
Glass skyscraper projects
TWA Terminal
Subway (Métro) entrances
Aluminum City Terrace
Weissenhof Siedlung row houses
Crown Hall, IIT
Kimball Art Museum
Azuma Residence
Bauhaus buildings
National (Imperial) Museum
Ville contemporaine
Narkomfin Building
Palace of the Soviets
San Cataldo Cemetery
Guggenheim Museum
Church on the Water
Centre Georges Pompidou
Cristo Obrero (Christ the Worker) Church
Villa Savoye
Casa Mila
Schröder House
Casa del Fascio
Wexner Center
BMW Leipzig Central Building
Guaranty Trust Building
Texaco Service Stations
Columbia, MD
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
Sea Ranch condominiums
Southdale Center Mall
The Frankfurt Kitchen
Hill House

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